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This site is designed to provide you with adequate essential health information that will enable you to choose habits, lifestyle and behavior that assure good health till old age. We also provide you with information regarding Health as an Essential ingredient of Good and Purposeful life.  There are a number of essential health issues that you might have been trying to find solutions to unsuccessfully. The emphasis of our site is on General Health and Aging. This topic is certainly of interest to you. 

Also in this site are articles on
nutrition, exercise, relaxation   alcohol consumption,   and treatment of minor ailments. We believe these are essential health issues especially for the individual family units. We also believe that sensible diet and eating wisely can reduce or eliminate many debilitating diseases and thereby ensuring good health. Regular exercise is one of the essential health issues that you will read in this site.

For the elderly, we have a lot of information on
aging, diseases of aging, nutrition and lifestyle changes for the aged and aging. We believe these essential health issues will improve their quality of life and bring them joy and happiness until their lives' end. Aging is a gradual process; therefore everyone should make health issues paramount in their lives. Findings in gerontology and sport sciences suggest that regular physical activity and exercise can help to maintain and enhance functioning, health and psychological well-being among elderly people. Many studies have demonstrated benefits of physical exercise on physiological functioning in older adults. Some recent studies have shown that physical exercise may have broader significance for the overall health and well-being of elderly people.

In recent times free radicals have been found to be responsible for a lot of physical and mental damage to the body. They are also blamed for many cases of premature aging. Information on the role of free radicals in diabetes and other diseases are also available on this site. Antioxidants are the answer to most of such damages. Information on antioxidant activity and a list of common antioxidants can be accessed on this site.

Water is the highest component of the human body. Deprivation of water causes dehydration; over a period, continuous dehydration results into death. There is a page on Health benefits of water.

Prolonged stress leads to many health problems and may result to incapacitation. Read more about this.


Nothing in the contents of this site should be taken as prescription for the cure of diseases; readers are advised to consult their physicians or health practitioners when the need arises. Health issues are essential issues and no one should joke with them. We sincerely believe that the content of this site meets your expectation. More essential health issues shall be added shortly. Please enjoy the articles and make good health your priority.

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